Flipstream Departure from The Pinball Network

After much consideration, I have opted to resign as an affiliate of The Pinball Network.  I appreciate the opportunity to bring more attention to the hobby of pinball with the group, although I have realized that my goals and values no longer align with TPN.  I wish all of the pinball content creators in TPN the best of luck in the future, and will not be making any further comments on this topic.

Adjusting Pinball Shaker Motor Strength

Shaker motors are a relatively newer additional to pinball machines.  It's a great haptic device that lends itself to more immersion into many table themes.  However, the stock configuration of the shaker motor can be pretty intense and lend itself to shaking components loose, creating a great deal of rattle noise in the glass without tape, or feeling like the table is going to walk itself across the floor.

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June 2021 Visit to Next Level Pinball Museum

I had an opportunity to visit the Next Level Pinball Museum this weekend in Hillsboro, Oregon, about 20 minutes West of Portland.  I've been here before, although this was my first visit after they completed their building expansion.  If you are interested at all in pinball, this is definitely a stop to work into any schedule that brings you into the PNW.

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