My name is Bryan, and I'm a Senior Manager of a technical support team with over twenty five years of experience in the customer support realm; helping people is in my blood.  My content is designed to assist streamers with improving their on-line streams using better tools and technology, and having people join my on my journey as I become a better pinball player.

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Pinball and streaming actually have a lot in common.  It can be intimidating or bewildering when you first get started.  When things work, it seems like magic or complete luck with no idea how things happen.  In time, when you learn some secrets and techniques, things become easier.  This is the kind of information I hope to share with everyone.

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My family and I grew up in the California Bay Area, and relocated to beautiful Central Oregon in late 2015.  My first pinball experience that I can remember was many (many) years ago when I needed a stool to play the Williams Comet pinball table in a poorly lit arcade room at Shakey's Pizza.  From a technical perspective, I'm a jack of all trades from a wide range of IT based jobs with over thirty years of working experience.

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