DeckMate Control for SAMMI Available On Google Play


Support for the older Lioranboard Android client is no longer available in the SAMMI 2023.3.1 version, released December 2023.  This update breaks the current Android client many streamers still rely on to operate SAMMI.

Fortunately, I'm incredibly happy to announce that DeckMate Control is now available on Google Play!

Get it on Google Play

Being a live streamer, I'm very aware that when you're ready to stream, you want the technology to just work like you expect.  Here is a quick breakdown on the application features and enhancements I've added over the current options:

  • Saved Server Connections - If you use more than one instance of SAMMI or you have to deal with multiple IP addresses (i.e. WiFi vs. Ethernet), DeckMate Control supports saving server connection settings for quick and easy reuse later.

  • Streamlined Interface - DeckMate Control has an intuitive and user-friendly design.  Buttons support the same appearance, press, release, drag, and multi-drag settings defined in SAMMI Core, just like you would expect.  Navigate easily between decks using the same button deck change options, no SAMMI changes required.

  • Enhanced Button Runtime Indicators - Easily see the difference between buttons with overlap enabled or disabled via different countdown timer styles.

  • Group ID Running Indicators - Completion countdown button timers show on all members of the same group ID with DeckMate Control, not just the pressed button!

  • Native Android application - DeckMate Control runs on native code and supports devices running Android 5.0 or higher.  No need for specific browsers or odd browser-specific behaviors.

  • 100% Ad Free - No annoying ad pop-ups or integrated ads taking up screen space, ever!


DeckMate Control is an independently created client application and is not affiliated with the SAMMI Solutions development team. DeckMate Control requires SAMMI Core version 2023.2.0 or higher installed on an accessible system.  Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.