LIFX Cloud Controls v2.3

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Extension to control LIFX bulbs and load scenes via the LIFX HTTP API

Change Log

Version 2.3

  • Removed Duration, Peak, Seconds, and Period default values for all commands to allow non-integer values. (Thanks, Grizzlebee)

Version 2.2

  • Resolved LB2 receiver crashing issue adding "LIFX Effect Breathe" command to buttons.
  • Changed all LIFX command Light Selector boxes to a variable (yellow) type for compatibility with default values.  Requires removal of /$ $/ variable tags or adding double quotes to existing LIFX commands after installing the v2.2 update.

Version 2.1

  • Initial release supporting Lioranboard 2.



Create a new global variable named "LIFXTOKEN" with the value of the LIFX HTTP API bearer token provided by LIFX, then execute the LIFX Get Lights and LIFX Get Scenes commands to create a set of global light and scene ID variables for all of the lights and scenes created in the LIFX mobile application.  This extension creates light ID variables with a "LIFXLight_" prefix and all scenes with a "LIFXScene_" prefix with all spaces removed from the variable names.

View the official LIFX HTTP API docs here for API functionality and valid parameter range/value requirements.


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