Validate Color

This extension is used to convert a CSS color name to an HTML hex code, or validate a provided HTML hex code to ensure it contains only six characters with valid hex values of 0-F.

Hex To Hue Shift

This extension is used to calculate hue and saturation values for an OBS Color Correction filter to change from an existing source color to a new target HTML hex color.

Twitch Emotes to URLs

This extension is used to convert all text emotes embedded in a Twitch chat message to in-line URLs for the 28px emote image.  This extension does not support emotes outside of the official Twitch set of emotes.

Format Number

This extension is a very simple number format that accepts a real value and returns a properly formatted string based on the JavaScript Intl.NumberFormat() function.

Get Scorbit Scores

This extension is used to pull the current player number, current player's ball number, current player's score, and current modes from a Scorbit streamboard.