Validate Color

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This extension is used to convert a CSS color name to an HTML hex code, or validate a provided HTML hex code to ensure it contains only six characters with valid hex values of 0-F.

During installation, the extension creates a sample deck with two buttons that includes multiple validation success and failure examples, along with a mock chat trigger for a "!color" command.

Click here to see a list of CSS color names


Lioranboard v1.43 or higher

Input Values

Value Name Data Type Usage
raw_color String The CSS color name or HTML hex color code to validate.  Variable usage requires /$ $/ tag encapsulation as shown in the example button.
variable String The variable name to use for the return value.  Do not use variable tags



Valid CSS names/hex colors: A string format HTML hex code with the hash character (#) removed.
Invalid CSS names/hex colors: The string value of "invalid"