Format Number v2.2

This extension is a very simple number format tool that accepts a real value and returns a number formatted string based on the JavaScript Intl.NumberFormat() function.

Emotes to URLs v2.1

This extension is used to convert all Twitch emotes in a chat message the user has unlocked into in-line URLs. 

LIFX Cloud Controls v2.4

Extension to control LIFX bulbs and load scenes via the LIFX HTTP API

Validate Color v2.3

This extension is used to convert a CSS color name to an HTML hex code, or validate a HTML hex code to ensure it contains only six characters with valid hex values of 0-F.

HEX to HSB v1.1

Extension that converts an HTML 6-character color RGB value into Hue, Saturation, and Brightness (HSB) values.

HEX to xyY v1.1

This extension converts a validated six character HEX color code into xyY coordinate and brightness values compatible with Phillips Hue lights.