SAMMI Core Does Not Connect To OBS


SAMMI Core fails to connect to OBS.


  • The Main OBS connection indicator dot stays red/does not turn green
  • SAMMI Core displays the error messages "Failed to connect to the websocket" and "Failed to connect to Main OBS, will attempt to reconnect in X seconds"


OBS connection issues can stem from one or more of the following items:

  • Make sure the OBS software is running and has not crashed or become unresponsive.
  • The wrong Websocket version is selected.  For OBS versions 28 and newer, SAMMI Core should use the OBSws5 protocol setting.
  • The IP address, port, or password values in the SAMMI Core OBS Connections do not match the OBS Websocket settings.
  • Anti-virus, Windows Firewall, or other firewall/security software is blocking the connection to the OBS WebSocket extension.  Disable the software or add exceptions to allow the connection over the specified TCP port in the SAMMI Core OBS Connections settings.
  • Try toggling the non-blocking setting in the SAMMI Core OBS Connections settings.
  • (OBS 27 or below) The Websocket extension in OBS is missing, corrupted, outdated, or did not install correctly.  Try re-installing the extension.
  • (OBS 30) There is a known issue where OBS can crash on close and not release the websocket port correctly.  Restart the Windows machine running OBS, or change the websocket port in OBS and SAMMI Core to work around this issue.