Twitch Episode 19: Haven't We Been Here Before?

Last stream of American Pinball's Hot Wheels for a little bit.  Got a fantastic run for the end of the stream with a nice new GC score, which may or may not have been due to a stuck car switch.  Fun as always!

Twitch Episode 18: How 'Bout Some Cobras?!

Another run at American Pinball's Hot Wheels table, with very special guests MisterScoot and BigJerm in the house! Watch as I try and fail to convince Scoot to buy his own Hot Wheels table.

Twitch Episode 16: Flipstream now, tilt later

Sadly, the last live stream for 2020 on American Pinball's Hot Wheels.  Had a good Epic challenge completion setup, but lost it before I could collect.  Next time!

Twitch Episode 17: Don't Call It A Comeback

Been a bit since the last stream, lots of fun stream updates since episode 16!  I was glad I could hop on and play some Hot Wheels from American Pinball for a bit, and a big thanks to Joe Schober from American Pinball for stopping by and hanging out during the stream.  The games were a far cry from almost reaching the Legend mode earlier in the week, although I still had fun hanging out with folks!

Twitch Episode 15: When you gotta go, you gotta go

Playing Stern's Jurassic Park, first time on stream since stream numero uno!  A bit rusty at this one, my last game was the best game where I almost made it to visitor center.