Twitch Episode 28: You Didn't Ask For Realistic, You Asked For More Teeth

Another fun evening with Stern's Jurassic Park Pro tonight! We set a ton of new high scores with a 1.5 billion GC, collected multiple fossils, hit a rescue streak of 28, and a stop at the Visitor Center for some playtime with raptors!

Twitch Episode 27: See Bigfoot Live!

Another good stab at Stern's Ripley's Believe It or Not pinball. Maxed out at three letters, although it's closer to the "hidden continent" goal. Special thanks to Raydaypinball and Joehills for their raids!

Twitch Episode 25: Thank You, Mr. DNA

Another outing  on Jurassic Park.  Had some fun stuff happen, like a single shot trap set and capture, and an interesting display order on the T-Rex multiball start I'll need to turn in to Stern.

Twitch Episode 26: Rollerskating Penguins

Another night of getting beat up by Ripley's Believe It or Not pinball, although the table looked good with new LED bulbs!

Twitch Episode 24: Why? Because I'm Flipstream!

Rougher time on Hot Wheels this stream, but I still had fun.  I still think the table was mad from me adjusting the car target leaf switch shortly before the stream start.