Twitch Episode 43: Cobra Crushing It (American Pinball Hot Wheels)

So close to the final Legend Multiball again tonight. A mysterious multiball mid-battle rattled me a bit. Although, a 6.1 BILLION point game with that attempt!

Twitch Episode 42: I Need To Work On The Evil Laugh

Back on Hot Wheels tonight! Been off a couple of nights, but I can feel the mojo starting to come back. Not quite to Legend MB tonight, but we have fun anyway!

Twitch Episode 40: Weird Flipstreams, My Favorite!

Episode 40, wow!  Getting closer to our follower goal, and finished up the night with three letters toward the final continent mode.  Getting some streams in before Ripley's leaves the home arcade.

Twitch Episode 41: Strange Airballs, Odd Bricked Shots, Unusual Ramp Rejects

Another night of getting beat up by Ripley's.  I think it heard me talking about trading it in for another machine soon...

Twitch Episode 39: What have they got in there, a Flipstream?

Somebody get me off this struggle bus! Couldn't get back to VC again tonight. I really need to get Ripley's running again...