Mystery Table Reveal!

Did you guess the table from the clues I've been dropping in stream and on Twitter? Well, here's the stream to figure out if your guess was correct!

The Weakest Ink

Another break from pinball, hitting the Nintendo Switch for some Splatoon 3 fun. Picked up quite a few Turf War wins, did some Salmon Run work, and then got pasted in ranked modes. Oh well, can't win 'em all!

Happy? We're All Standing Now.

The newest pinball machine in the Flipstream arcade, Guardians of the Galaxy! Got the table pitch dialed in and the flipper rubber swapped out. Now I just need to install fans, replace the rest of the playfield rubber, install better pinballs, get the movie clip mod...

Faster Than Fast

Back on Hot Wheels from American Pinball! No huge game tonight, but we still had fun....