Go Go Godzilla!

Playing Stern Godzilla Premium pinball with the new 0.96 code! We got to play both the new Monster Zero and Terror of Mechagodzilla mini-wizard modes on stream, cracked a billion points again, and hit a few tier 2 battles.  All in all, a very successful night of moderately awesome pinball!

Terror of Mechagodzilla

Starting to get a bit better with Stern Pinball's Godzilla. We almost got to the new Terror of Mechagodzilla mini-wizard mode that came with the .94 code update, and we got through a Tier 2 battle. I'll keep working at it...

Pinball Is A Complicated Profession

Getting better with Mandalorian Pinball! We got to the I Like Those Odds mini-wizard mode, and almost started You Have What I Want. We'll get there soon, friends!

32nd Time's the Charm

We did it friends! We hit Legend Multiball on Hot Wheels for the first time, and almost a second! What a rush, my first final wizard mode on pinball. A huge thanks to everyone that was watching and supporting live!