Burning Down The House

Another fun stream with Stern Pinball's Godzilla, and testing out some new Titan low bounce flipper rubbers. Not 100% sold on keeping them yet, we'll see how it goes with some more play time.

Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Definitely some moderately awesome Godzilla pinball tonight! Finally joined the 1 billion point club and knocked out another achievement. Only three left to go!

I Heart Hot Wheels Pinball

Yea, not the best showing for my stream, but knocked off some of the rust after being sick. We'll get 'em next stream!

Hopping Around Tokyo City Like a Big Playground

Back for more fun with Stern's Godzilla and the new .90 code.  Lots of fun new callouts and light shows, although we're still a way off from the wizard modes.  I blame these bouncy flipper rubbers...and my moderately awesome pinball skills.