Well, That's Not Good

It's been way too long since I streamed Hot Wheels! No Legend MB, I think the table was mad at me for streaming Godzilla so much.

Flipstream: King of the Dad Jokes

What does Godzilla have between his toes? Slow runners! Playing more of Stern's Godzilla Premium pinball table on this stream, and I set a new GC score!

Sorry, no table audio on the recordings, you'll have to join me for a live stream to hear the awesome call outs and music.

Twitch Episode 53: Destroy All Pinballs!

Stern Godzilla Premium! Buildings, tanks, bridges, and powerlines destroyed! I pick up a couple of new achievements on the table, and continue to learn shots and dial things in. No table audio for the recordings, you'll have to join live to hear this amazing machine!